from: The Song Within The Song
track 2.  Pua Hone 4:10 (Rev. Dennis Kamakahi)
Dennis Kamakahi, one of Hawai‘i’s most prolific and beloved songwriters, wrote this song as a marriage proposal for his “Honey Flower,” now his wife of many years. Our arrangement is based on the version by George Kahumoku Jr. Jim plays the bass, guitar, and ‘ukulele parts on a single guitar.


Pua Hone(Honey Flower)By: Dennis Kamakahi O ‘oe ka wahine a ke aloha              I laila i ka uluwehi                            Ku‘u pua hone i ka la‘i           You are the woman that I love   There in the lush verdure is My honey flower in the calm Honi ‘ana i kēhau o Makiki             O wau kou aloha i                            Ka noe kuahiwi                                Kissed by the dew of MakikiI am your loveIn the mountain mist He u‘i no ‘oe i ke kula                      I wili ‘ia me ka                                   ‘Ie‘ie o leilono                                  You are a beauty on the plains Entwined with the sacred ‘Ie’ie vine of Leilono Ha‘ina mai ana ka puana                 Ku‘u pua hone i ka la‘i           He nani maoli nō                    This ends my storyFor my honey flower in the calmA true beauty, indeed