from: The Song Within The Song
track 1-a . Ē Ku‘u Sweet Lei Poina‘ole  (Emma De Fries)
Ē Ku‘u Sweet Lei Poina‘ole / E Maliu Mai 7:21 (Emma De Fries / Irmgard Farden ‘Āluli)
These songs, E- Ku‘u Sweet Lei Poina‘ole (“My Sweet Unforgettable Lei”) and E Maliu Mai (“Hear My Call”), were among the first songs we played together. They immediately became our favorites and our most requested songs. These were defining moments for us, knowing that we were meant to be making music together.


E Ku‘u Sweet Lei Poina ‘Ole By: Emma De Fries E ku‘u sweet lei poina ‘ole ea            Lei nani i ka wēkiu                                         A never fading bloom, iā ‘oe ea                                 E ku‘u sweet lei, poina ‘ole                            My sweet unforgettable lei  The most beautiful of allYou are never fading My sweet unforgettable lei Ku‘u pua, ku‘u lei nani mae ‘ole ea   Ke ola lau loa e ku‘u lei                                 Ke kali aku nei, iā ‘oe ea                                E ho‘i mai kāua lā e pili                                  My flower, my beautiful never fading leiThis lei is my life, my soulI wait for youMy sweet unforgettable lei