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Pulama: Photos

Pulama and Eddie Mendiola

Goodnight Leilani E

I love the song "Goognight Leilani E"
It has a special place in my heart for my goddaughter, Laura
I remember when she was just a baby
I would sit and hold her until she fell asleep in my arms and I would sing her this song
Goodnight Leilani Ē

Recording "A Lullaby For Adriane Sage"

Pili, Paula , Jim and Eddie - recording "A Lullaby For Adriane Sage " at Muscle Tone Studios - Berkeley, CA
Adriane Sage - her photos and her lullaby
Eddie, singing "A Lullaby For Adriane Sage"
Pili with photo of Adriane Sage

Adriane Sage's Baptism

Adriane Sage's baptism - Lisa (Mom) , Adriane Sage, Joe (Dad)
Jim, Eddie (Adriane Sage's Grand Father), Paula and Pili -We all sang "He Mele Ho`ohiamoe No Adriane Sage" at her baptism
Adriane Sage, Jim, Paula and Pili
Jim and Adriane Sage
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